Angeleta & Etelvina


Text and translation: Roger Simeon
First Version director: Bryony Shanahan
Puppets Version director: Almudena Calvo
Actresses: Mercè Ribot and Patrícia Rodríguez
Production: Around the Glove
Premiere: 23 March 2014, Arcola Theatre (London)

Based on Bryony Shanahan and Little Soldier Productions’ version of Tu i Jo (You and Me), a new and surprising version comes alive: a puppetry one.

In a cluttered living room full of memories and trinklets, two sisters sit, two women who have grown old, bitter and senile together, resenting the passage of time, and each other. Whilst Angeleta’s head becomes blurrier by day, Etelvina keeps all their memories in boxes hoping to relive the past, her loves, her fears, her regrets…


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