il·lusionsText: Roger Simeon
Director: Jordi Casanovas
Actors: Pau Roca
              Sara Espígul
Production: Sixto Paz/Sala Beckett
Premiere: 13 June 2014, Sala Beckett (Barcelona)

A man and a woman of about thirty of age cross the whole city running. They hope to reach the train station before the train that carries a friend long time gone arrives. A friend who managed to succeed. The awaiting for the train’s arrival becomes an unexpected meeting of two familiar strangers. The man and the woman have been sharing a rental flat for a long time now, but it is not until today that they dare to confess their hopes and illusions as well as their frustrations. Amidst a city in flames that seems to move faster than their legs, they will take a break. For a while.


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