The Kitchen

The KitchenText: Roger Simeon
Director: Victoria Malena
Actors: Jesús E. Martínez
             Pablo Andrade
             Patrícia Cardona
Premiere: 30 June 2015, IATI Theater (New York)

“We are all looking for someone… it’s the only thing worth looking for nowadays”

An isolated street. Two characters unfamiliar to one another are waiting under the rain. Soon, they start talking to each other realizing that they share a common treat: loneliness.

From that point on, the audience learn the story of three characters who are surviving in a contemporary world feeling lonely despite being surrounded by people.

“We are all looking for someone”, is the sort of mantra that keeps resounding in their conversations. But there’s people who will do whatever it takes to overcome the solitude.

A tragic depiction of a society unable to establish real connections with the other human beings or to hold on happiness. But not everything is what it looks like.

Part of IATI’s Theater Cimientos Play Development Project 2015


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