El pis del pare: Teatre Zorrilla (Badalona) 27 March 2017

Romeo & Juliet (zai Shanghai): Jing’an Park (Shanghai). 23 April 2016

Los Columpios (The Swings): IATI Theater (New York) from 6 to 29 November

Egos: Microteatre Barcelona. 1-25 October 2015

L’emú: Festival Píndoles (Barcelona). 7 June 2015

The Kitchen: Part of IATI Theater Cimientos Play Development Project. Premiere 30 June 2015 at IATI Teather (New York)

10 de abril: Radio Theatre. III Congreso internacional de RadioTeatro y Ficción sonora. Sala Berlanga (Madrid) April 2015

Il·lusions: Staged Reading at Sala Beckett (Barcelona), June 2014

Los Columpios: Part of IATI Theater Cimientos Play Development Project. Premiered 6 May 2014 at IATI Theater (New York)

Angeleta & Etelvina: Alternative version of You and Me produced by Around the Glove. Premiered 23 March 2014 at Arcola Theatre (London) as part of the off Spanish Golden Century Festival

L’Urna: Premiered 07 February 2014 at Sala Beckett (Barcelona) as part of “Els 10 minuts del bar de la Beckett” series

Conversación 24: Winner of the playwrighting contest Dramaturgo Moreno Arenas. Premiered March 2013 at Teatro de Albolote (Granada)

Els Convidats: Premiered 16 November 2012 at Teatre Clavé (Barcelona)

You and Me: English version of Tu i Jo premiered 01 June 2012 at Rich Mix (London)

Economia fàcil: entrevista al senyor Rocamora: Premiered February 2012 at Teatre Clavé (Barcelona)

Tu i Jo: Winner of Boira playwrighting contest. Premiered March 2011 at Institut del Teatre (Vic)



Amor: Finalist playwrighting contest Carro de Baco (Barcelona)

Enquistats: Finalist playwrighting contest Carro de Baco

El primer sopar: Finalist VI Premi de Teatre Breu Inicia’t (Badalona)

La partida: 2nd prize on the Concurs de Textos teatrals Vila de Gràcia (Barcelona)

El casament: Finalist V Premi de Teatre Breu Inicia’t (Badalona)



La mirada del poeta: Street theatre based on the poems of Joan Margarit. Tordera (Barcelona), May 2012



Parlem-ne: Short film produced by fiLÒmans based on a short story by Pere Calders

L’oblit impossible: Documentary about the poems of Joan Margarit.



Avui és gairebé mai: Full length play produced by Els Carotes premiered on February 2013 at Institut del Teatre (Barcelona)

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